/> Lonex UK
8mm Enhanced Metal Ball Bearings
Steel teeth Piston
Li-Po Ready
Unique Pull Cord Magazine (included)
Cleaning Rod (Included)
Carrying case (Included)

Fully upgradeable with Genuine Lonex parts
3rd Generation Design
Tel: 01262 469904    Email:     web: www.LonexUK.com

Short 10.5”


Model: 01-10
Model: 04-10


Model: 07-10


Range- upto 55 Metres
Metal Body
Weight -2.8 kg
Length: - 680mm
FPS: 350-370
Barrel: 6.03 mm (optional 6.01)
Steel Gear Set
Steel Cylinder
Lonex High Performance Motor
Reinforced 3mm thick Gearbox

PayPal: Add Lonex M4 SHRT 07-10 SOPMOD 10 to cart FREE UK delivery
Ukara Number required
Lonex M4 Short 10.5” CQB

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